Company 5

Company #5 is the IFA's designation for those individuals who are retired from service from the IFA. Those names listed below have honorably and courageously given their time and effort to serve the Indiana area for a minumum of 15 years with many serving well beyond that. These individuals helped pave the way for the IFA and helped shape what it is today.

Dave Allshouse

Mark Angelo

Bob Blakely

Art Brown

Sam Buchanan

Dick Buterbaugh

Chris Caldwell

Ed Clark

Michael Clawson

John Colananni

Denny Davis

Sam Dotts

David Drye

Bob Elias

Darhl Empfield

Micheal Empfield

Anthony Enciso

Gary Fulton

Tom Harkless

Greg Holsinger

Matthew Hotchkiss

Bill Juart

George Kokus

Dan Kunkle

Denny Kunkle

Bill Marlin

Brent Marshall

Ty McGary

Murry Medsger

Dan Mock

Dave Moore

Theodore Moreau

Thomas Moreau

Michael Mulgrew

Joe Namen

Jim Rickard

Gary Robbins

Kirk Shank

Denny Shank

Dick Sherry

Art Smith

Bill Sobieray

Ralph Stitt

Larry Treese

David Watkins

Barry Widdowson