IFA Live In Program

In 2006 the association created the first Live-In program in Indiana County. Now in its 8th year, the program continues to be a valuable asset to the association and the communities we serve. The program is designed for firefighters to utilize the station as their full-time residence, allowing for a quick and professional fire department response. In exchange for free living accommodations, the live-in members are responsible for responding to emergency calls, performing station duties, and participating in training.

Currently the program can accommodate six live-ins participants in six semi-private rooms. Each room provides adequate storage for personal belongings. The station has full home amenities including a full kitchen and pantry, four unisex bathrooms, a washer and dryer, internet access and gym / weight lifting room.

The Live-In program gives members great exposure to company level, state level and national level training opportunities at no cost. Indiana Fire Association covers all costs including registration, travel, lodging and other associated costs. The members routinely attend programs at various fire academies and the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to cost-free living, Indiana Fire Association is able to provide money for college reimbursement. This program is funded through money received from the Department of Homeland Security through a SAFER Act grant.

The Indiana Fire Association is only a short commute to several area post-secondary schools, including; Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County Community College – Indiana Campus, Cambria-Rowe Business College and Wyoming Technical Institute (Wyo-Tech).

Indiana Fire Association’s Live-In Program appeals to students that may have the interest in pursuing a professional career in firefighting; others wanted the experience of living in a firehouse with others that were pursuing professional careers.

Live-In participants have come from Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Several current and past Live-Ins have obtained employment with a verity of professional agencies and leading departments throughout America which include: Altoona Fire Department (PA), Anne Arundel County Fire Rescue (MD), Virginia Beach Fire Department (VA), and Chester County Fire Department (VA). Other careers include many Safety Consultants, Railroad Engineers, Registered Nurses, State Police Troopers, Police Officers, Paramedics and beyond.

Supplemental highlights of the live-in program include: Full personal protective equipment including turn-out gear, boots, helmet, etc. are provided. The association pays annually for physicals, insurance and death benefit coverage for every member. This is in addition to the workers compensation provided by Indiana Borough.

Requirements for participation in the program include: Must be a member of the Indiana Fire Association in good standing, full-time student or part time work, must meet minimum availability/staffing needs and compliance of all SOGs and policies. Although it is not required, but it is recommended that participates acquire renters insurance upon entering the program.

We have some minimum training requirements, participants must have certification as in interior fire fighter (completion of module 4 in PA or equivalent), but encourage members to obtain training and certifications such as: Firefighter I, PA DOH Vehicle Rescue Technician, Hazardous Materials Operations Level, CPR/AED or Higher. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the program. Live-In openings are limited. Early application is recommended.