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FAQ Section

Q: Can I Burn Leaves & Other materials?

A:  The ability to burn rubbish and yard waste is dependent upon the municipality in which you live.


White Township: In General, the township allows outdoor fires so long as they are attended at all times and the smoke does not cause a nuisance for travel or adjacent properties. For a full listing of all codes regarding outdoor fires in the township, please follow this link: Township of White, PA Burning, Outdoor (

Indiana Borough: Burning is limited to cooking fire or wood products no larger than 6" in diameter. The fire must be contained in an appropriate container. No Open Burning is permitted. Indiana Borough also requires notification of any burning prior to it occurring. For a full listing of listing of all codes regarding outdoor fires in Indiana Borough., please follow this link: Borough of Indiana, PA Table of Contents (

Fires are PROHIBITED in certain weather conditions. Outdoor fires should not be started in extremely dry or windy conditions. This can cause exponential fire growth. Please use the fire danger indicator to help determine if its appropriate to burn or not. Wildfire (

Q: Will the IFA fill my swimming pool?

A: No, the IFA does not fill swimming pools. Water sits in our tanks for an indeterminate amount of time and will need treated with a ton of chemicals to make it suitable for swimming. Furthermore, the local water authorities prohibit fire companies from accessing water supplies for anything other than training and emergency response.

Q: How can I request the IFA to be at an event?

A: The IFA receives numerous requests per year to attend events. To ensure that your request reaches us in time, please mail us a letter with the name, time, and date of the event one month prior to the event. I.e. If your event is in September, please ensure we received the letter sometime in August. Requests are read at the general meeting held on the first Thursday of every month. Someone from the Association will be in contact with you after the meeting. If mailing is not possible, please call the Association at 724-465- 2400. Requests can be mailed to:

Indiana Fire Association 

501 Philadelphia St

Indiana, Pa 15701

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