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Deceased Life Members

This page is dedicated in memory to those life members (Co. 5) who have passed on

Alex M Stewart

Harry E Smith

Joseph A Dickey

Harry G Yuckenberg

Matthew H Bruce

Ford W Coleman

Harry M  Bell

Lisle Moorehead

George F Marlin

Alanson W Hawxhurst, Jr

Stephen P Lewis

Homer J Lydick

Day H Myers

Wallace R Cunningham

Ralph W Loughry

George D Leydic

Herbert H Manners

Steele M Boggs

Paul E Lewis

R E McNaughton

Charles R Wheeler

Merle W McCardle

Blair Park

Clair A Myers

Harry C Graham

Robert A Kerr

James G Kring

Ira C Edwards

George Fiscus

Mac A Holstein

Roy S Stephens

Lawrence J Redding

Murray R McCoy

William A Simpson

Edward A Parks

Glen S Flemming

John R Bath

James L Jack

Gerald K Marshall

Stanley D Good

Willaird V McQuown

John W Salsgiver

Robert H Darr

Jack A Woodburn

Charles S Woodburn

Robert T Lewis

Don Myers

Marlin D Penrod

Wendell Campbell

Herb Marlin

Dick Sherry

Thomas Streams

Tom Thompson

Ward W Eicher

Clarence J Geesey

Charles F Hildebrand

David C Cooke

Harry P Barnett

William M St. Clair

James W Miller

Clark L Myers, Sr

Raymond D McNaughton

Lewis H Edwards, Sr

Winton L Butterworth

Howard M Moore

William J Fiscus

Frank K Nichol

Monroe J Mabon

Richard S Orange

Ross C Reed

David J Naylon

Harry D Jones

Kenneth H St Clair

George E Thompson

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